Your job is to convince a potential student to come to St. Hilary for their 8th grade year.  You need to have two reasons and two pieces of evidence (must be real) to support your reasons.  

03/17/2013 12:26pm

Hello, I am i student and i'm here to convince you to come to my school St.hilary. Here at St.Hilary you are surrounded by teachers who want nothing more but to prepare academically and spirutually for life. As long as you're willing to work and try,St.Hilary will prepare you for a good high school and even college. I should know because i was a new student in the 6th grade and i learned this school was preparing me far better than my past schools. Another reason is that St.Hilary is a blue ribbon school,futhermore proving it's excellence.

03/17/2013 12:27pm

Hello future St. Hilary Saber!
St. HIlary School is a private, Catholic school based around faith and education. St. HIlary is a K through eighth grade school for both boys and girls. The students at St. HIlary attend mass together as a school at least once a week to deepen their relationship with God. Student also participate prayer services and mass on all Holy Days of Obligation. Students K through eight have many opportunities to learn more about their Catholic faith through religion classes each day. Religion classes are mandatory for every grade.
We thank you for considering St. Hilary for your future Catholic education.

03/17/2013 12:40pm

If you’re thinking of a Catholic education for your eighth grade year, you should come to St. Hilary. It’s a great balance of academics, sports, theatre, writing clubs, student council, and social justice groups. St. Hilary sets you up to be the best student you can be for high school. Also, as an athletic saber, you can chose from eight different sport options; cross- country, track, basketball, cheerleading, soccer, volleyball, softball/baseball, and football. Mock trial and Power of the pen challenge your writing and debate skills. If you like music, singing, or preforming then you might enjoy the school’s choir or partiapate in the junior high musical. Being a Catholic school, students can participate in Kids Care Club or Rachel’s Challenge. In the classroom you are motivated to try your best, even if your not always right. Technology has become apart of everyday learning and next year everyone gets an iPad for the year. We hope to see you next year.

03/17/2013 3:11pm

You need to come to St. Hilary for your eighth grade year because you will make friends so quickly and the things you will do will become great memories.You can also become closer with God and your faith. One reason to come is that as eighth graders, you get to go to Pittsburg and even miss school to do it. Another reason to come to St. Hilary is that at the end of the year, you will get to go to Cedar Point! The kids here at St. Hilary are so easy to make friends with, so you'll have no trouble trying to fit in. At St. Hilary, you get to go to mass almost every Wednesday and receive communion, but also go to confession and say the Rossary.Doesn't that sound fun?

03/17/2013 7:24pm

I think you should come to St. Hilary School because the teachers are great. They inform you of everything you need to know. Another reason you should come is because of the extracurricular activities you can join. We have received the Blue Ribbon Award twice, which recognizes our superior academic, social, and religious school. Also, CYO sporting events helps you become closer with your classmates. This is why you should consider St. Hilary School, to make your last year of elementary school great.

03/17/2013 7:29pm

Dear Student,
I think you should consider coming to St. Hilary School next year! We have great staff that teach us important life skills and thing we need to know in high school. For example, we have won the blue ribbon award twice in the past ten years. It is a huge honor to win this award which recognizes our love of learning. We also have many clubs and CYO sports.In fact, we can compete with schools from all over Cleveland and we have won many important awards. There is something for everyone, and I'm sure there is something for you. I hope you can graduate with me next year in the class of 2014.

03/17/2013 8:04pm

You might be thinking, why would I go to St.Hilary? Well, I'm here to tell you why. The teacher care about the students an each everything they need to know. The common goal of the staff is helping each student grow academically, spiritually, physically and morally which was said by our principal, Mrs.Arnone. Our school program lets our students become well rounded citizens of the world. This is true because St.Hilary won the Blue Ribbon award in 2001 and 2008 because of the programs the school offers. Who wouldn't want to go to St.Hilary is the real question.

03/17/2013 8:16pm

Knowledge is power. You must join a talented educational and athletic and wise school to finish off your junior high, such as St. Hilary School! This school looks ahead to the times of trouble of high school and helps you learn to avoid or pass them. Education and wisdom are needed to continue life.St. Hilary School offers advanced classes and wonderful, knowledge-giving teachers. You will also be asked to participate in the D.A.R.E. program. The program allows 8th graders to understand the difficulties of choosing a wrong path in life. If you are interested in sports and group activities, St. Hilary School probably offers them. When high schools look at committees you have joined they need to be educational and religious-based, such as Power of the Pen, CYO sports, Mock Trial, math competitions, or science competitions. St. Hilary offers all foundations for both educational and athletic purposes to build a better future for you.
Your 8th grade classmate,
Paul Nemer

03/17/2013 8:22pm

You should come to St.Hilary for your 8th grade year. One reason the kind, friendly environment. For example at the beginning of the school year we had a program called Rachel's Challenge. This helped us to see the real effects of bullying. Another reason you should come to St. Hilary is because of the delicious hot lunch program. Every teenager loves food, right? Well, one of my favorites is Chick-Fil-A which we get to order for a couple times a month.

03/17/2013 8:50pm

St.Hilary School is a great place to learn, especially in 8th grade. St.Hilary has very succesful athletic teams, and many kids particpate. This year, St.Hilary has 3 seventh grade girls volleyball teams. Also, St.Hilary has Grade Level, High, & Advanced Math classes. Lastly, next year the 6th, 7th, & 8th graders will all get IPads to use at school & home! As you can see, our success shows that every child can learn, achieve, & have fun at St.Hilary School.

03/17/2013 9:03pm

The environment in which you learn sets a foundation on who you will become. Saint Hilary School is the future for our fragile society. We must not underestimate the values that we hold. We must not turn our backs on determination, pride. responsibility, respect, loyalty, friendship, leadership, honesty, faith, trust, and love. At this school, Saint Hilary School, we do not turn down our values. We stand up for what we believe. We all live two lives within one. The first life we live is the one of leaning. The second life is the one we live. At Saint Hilary we show pride in our education. At Saint HIlary our teachers show motivation. They show an example to the perceptive students. Saint Hilary School has won two blue ribbons and is a Catholic school. Therefore, you are taught about God with a deeper understanding. St. Hilary is the school you will find impacting your life in the classroom and for the rest of your life. You're 8th grade year will be the most memorable year in your learning life. Come spend it in an environment that holds its values. COme spend it at St. Hilary school.

03/18/2013 7:55am

I think that you, a seventh grader, should go to St. Hilary School for eighth grade because our student body has a great way to interact with teachers. Our Student Council, the representatives have a great way to talk with the advisers about how and what they should do with their money or what charity it may go to. Also, eighth grade at St. Hilary would bond old friendships and new friendships into a lifelong friendship with your piers but also with Christ. We do this by not having cliques but by having a friendship with everyone.

03/18/2013 3:55pm

You should come to St. Hilary school next year! We are very active here. We play basketball, soccer, foootball, volleyball, and there is even cheerleading we are very religious. We go to Church every Wednesday. We also pray before lunch, after lunch, in the morning twice, and sometimes before classes.

03/18/2013 6:24pm

Come one come all to St. Hilary for your 8th grade year! There are other schools but I think St. Hilary is the choice for you! St. Hilary is a fun school. You get to go to fun field trips including Cedar Point. St. Hilary also has an amazing English class! St. Hilary students always graduate with a smile :D. It's your choice but St. Hilary is the right choice!

03/18/2013 6:39pm

You should come to St. Hilary School. One reason is because everyone here is nice. Everyone has a smile on their face when they are with their class. Another reason is our teachers are excellent. We earned the Blue Ribbon award because of us students but also because of the teachers.

03/18/2013 6:51pm

There are many reasons to come to St. Hilary. The major reason is the edcuation. At St. Hilary, we have a challenging curriculum. Reaserch has shown that St. Hilary's students test high enough to get into the best schools in Ohio. Another major reason to come to St. Hilary is the friendly community. At St. Hilary, we strive to help others through charities. In the past, we have done food banks, clothes drives, and Halloween candy donations. Plus, St. Hilary is just cool!

03/18/2013 6:59pm

I think you should come to St.Hilary for 8th grade because we have many wonderful after school activities. Some activities you can particapate in are Breakfast of Campions, Theater, and Youth Group. Also, are school has other activities you can do throught the day, such as going to music class, gym, and art.

03/18/2013 7:25pm

Jerry you should come to St.Hilary for your 8th grade year because we have great things to do. We have vacation breaks during the school year and the student community is really funny and support one another. Although we work very hard in class and doing our homework, we also have fun and we do things outside of classroom work that allows all the students to get to know each other better. St. Hilary's also offers many things to do such as; sports, clubs, music and youth group. I have participated in sports, science club, our yearly play and youth group. It is a great place to learn and prepare for high school. I hope to see you next year!

03/18/2013 7:26pm

To come to St. Hilary is saying that you would like to come to an amazing school with many great students that will always make you laugh. Are school is great on academics we have been awarded two blue ribbon awards and have even named a little road Blue Ribbon Drive in honor of our excellence. We also have amazing athletics if you look at the horning hall you will find many of our trophies that we have won from all different sports such as football, soccer, basketball, and much more. I know from personal experience that the teachers here are top notch and very rare because of how great they are. I guarantee that you will have an amazing time at St. Hilary and I look forward to seeing you next year.

03/18/2013 7:30pm

You should come to St.Hilary School for your eighth grade year. You should spend your last year in grade school here because it has a great atmosphere of people. The teachers here are very nice, inteligent, and they have a great way of explaining things if you don't understand or are struggling to keep up. The students here are also very nice and accepting. Many new students have come to spend their grade school education here and made so many friends by just the first day. Another reason why you should spend your eighth grade school year at St.Hilary is because this school prepares you very well for high school. St.Hilary alumni often come back and thank their past teachers for teaching them valuable skills in their subjects. They understood everything when many other students in the class are just learning it for the first time and are struggling. St.Hilary is a great school and I hope to see you enrolled here next year.

03/18/2013 7:37pm

St.Hilary School is a great place to enhance academic and Catholic values for your future. Everyone is willing to help shape your future and make you the best you can be. The teachers and students all are inspired to step out of their way to accomplish this goal. Most graduates who went to St.Hilary are very successful in their careers today. Many of them even start their own bussinesses and become professional teachers! If you decide to go to St. Hilary just know that everyone will welcome you with open arms.

03/18/2013 7:41pm

I think you should come to St. Hilary for your eight grade year. In eight grade you will have a trip to Washington D.C. our nations capital. When your in D.C. you visit the white house and other major buildings and sites. Almost anyone you ask who has gone will tell you it was a blast! Also you should come to St. Hilary because we have a catholic based education. Classes always refer to Jesus or the Bible.

03/18/2013 7:51pm

St. Hilary is a great school to learn so much on how to deepen your faith with God. Education is a very serious being here at our school. The many activities we have here at our school can include the following: clubs, sports, and much more. These activities can improve our education and can also improve our friend making skills. It can also help us later in life when choosing a high school and maybe even i choosing a collage. At St. Hilary we also have many specials like Art, Gym, Music, Media, and so much more. We also offer in sixth grade to sign up and train to become an alter server at our local St. Hilary parish. Which you can sign up later as well. I hope this information helps you make your decision. Thank you.

03/18/2013 8:03pm

One reason you should you should come to St. Hilary because test scores are higher. In 2011, the Department of Education did a report on NAEP test scores and it said that students who go to a Catholic school get higher test scores than studemts who go to a public school. Another reason that you should come to St.Hilary is because if you go to a Catholic grade and high school you are more likely to go to college. A study by the National Catholic Education Association showed that 84.7% of Catholic school students go to college while the percentage of public school students going to college is 73.2%.

03/18/2013 8:07pm

You should come to St.Hilary school because we are a blue ribbon school. This means our education goes above and beyond the education required throughout the nation. We have high standards of academic excellence that our caring teachers with help us achieve. Not only does our school help us to develop in our education, but also St.Hilary helps us to develop our relationship to God. St.Hilary is a very spiritual school and will always welcome new students. You would your 8th grade year at St.Hilary

03/18/2013 8:10pm

For your 8th grade year you want a school that is focused on both education and fun. At St. Hilary School there is a great learning environment. We have a Spelling Bee every year that gets the students involved in a leaning experience they will never forget. St. Hilary School is also fun; every year the 8th grade takes a field trip to Cedar Point and Washington D.C. to discover the United States.

03/18/2013 8:14pm

A potential student should come to St. Hilary next year for their 8th grade year because we are getting many new upgrades such as (1)every student grades 6-8 might get to have their own IPads to take home and use for homework etc. I also think they should come to St. Hilary because (2)You get to go on so many fun and exciting field trips such as Cedar Point. (1) Mrs. Arnone mentioned the IPads to the girls at our Saber Sisters meeting this year. (2) I had older siblings that went to St. Hilary and loved Cedar Point and said their 8th grade year was their favorite out of all the grades.

03/18/2013 8:37pm

As a student at St. Hilary school I would encourage you to come to this school for your eight grade year. First, the education at St. Hilary is exceptional. Tests show that students have a higher grade than most other schools. Second, the students, teachers, and staff are the friendliest people I have met. You can expect help when needed and friendships that will last forever.

03/18/2013 8:37pm

I think that you should come to St. Hilary School for your eighth grade year. St. Hilary has one the Blue Ribbon Award twice. St. Hilary is also a Catholic school, so we get to learn more about the Catholic Faith. St. Hilary also has great teachers and many special classes such as art and foreign language. St. Hilary is a great school and I think you should be part of it.

03/18/2013 8:41pm

I think you should come to St. Hilary for multiple reasons. I feel St. Hilary would be a great choice because of the religious aspects of everyday life. We attend Mass every Wednesday as a school, have religion class everyday, and special prayers throughout the day. St. Hilary also offers wonderful social interactions between wonderful classmates and friends. No matter what your interests are you will find amazing people at St. Hilary. I am very fortunate to have made incredible friendships with people who are kind, loyal, trustworthy, and helpful. At St. Hilary, we go to different programs on how to be good friends and good people and attend anti-bullying programs, such as Rachel's Challenge. At St. Hilary, we strive to be the best we can be in all areas of our lives. I hope next year you will choose to be a Saber here with us.

03/18/2013 8:53pm

Potential student-
You should come to St. Hilary School. It is a clearly competitive school- it has been deemed a Blue Ribbon School. Also, there is an incredible amount of extracurricular activities. Some of these include CYO sports, foreign language clubs, FLL, altar serving, and youth group. I truly hope you come to our great school!

03/18/2013 9:00pm

St. Hilary School is a great school to be in especcially in your 8th grade year. Being in St Hillary in the last year 8th grade has many great and exciting things. Frst of all there is Confermation which is a big part. This will include a big celebration and lots of preparation so you can become an offical member of the church it takes a lot of work but will be rewarding in the end. Another reason you should come to St. Hilary is of all the new and wonderful technology. Next year all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders will be recieving IPads. These IPads will be yours to keep throughout the entire year. So you can use them for school purposes only. A 3rd reason you should attend St. Hilary in your 8th grade year is of all the great teacheres and students. The teachers take their time to help you out and make sure you understand the homework.The teachers are also so nice and have a fun way of doing everything. The student body is another great part of St. Hilary. Everyone is so friendly and very welcoming to everyone. I know this because this is my first year at St. Hilary and it has been an amazing year and i have made many new friends. These are my reason you should attend St. Hilary School next year, so I hope to see you all there.
Thank you.

03/18/2013 9:06pm

Everyone love a good school right? Well, if you are looking for a high quality school with good education you should come to St. Hilary School in Fairlawn, Ohio. You should come to our school because we have good teachers. Our teachers make sure to go over things so we understand the material we are learning and the teachers know what they are talking about when they teach. Another reason why you should go to St. Hilary School is because of the school's uniforms. St. Hilary School gives you a uniform with many different options which, gives you a bit of a chance to express yourself. St. Hilary is a very good school for any student and you should pick to go to St. Hilary School today.

03/18/2013 9:09pm

I am very excited about my upcoming 8th grade year here at St. Hilary School. The students here are the best. We are like a team, rooting for each other and combining our talents to be the best we can be. Another reason I would encourage a student to attend St. Hilary School is the teachers. They are the kind of people that really care about you. If you are struggling with something, they will help you and encourage you. Important things happen in your eighth grade year, like Confirmation, preparing for high school, and learning to be an independent person. St. Hilary School is a great place to have these experiences.

03/18/2013 9:13pm

I think you should join St. Hilary School because we are a Blue Ribbon School. Our school is not only excellent in academics but it is a school that helps people in need in our community. For example, the seventh graders volunteered at the Haven of Rest, the Food Bank, and Helen Arnold School. These are only some of the good things St. Hilary students participate in to help the less fortunate.
Our school provides a variety of extra-curricular activities for students to be involved in here at St. Hilary's. Students may choose sports, variety of clubs: Spanish, French, Chinese, Art, Choir, Ski and many more. Also, the seventh and eighth graders can perform in our school play, which is always a success.
Join Us! Become a St. Hilary Student! You will not regret it!

03/18/2013 9:13pm

You should definitely join St. Hilary. Its a nice school. The teachers are really nice (though some are slightly strict) and they are extreemly good at what they do. Our sports skill is very good and we have a wide variety of sports you can sign up for. We have won several blue ribbons for our educational skills. Plus we have a wide variety of high-quality lunches that are much better than the majority of other schools. We supply a strong Christian education and we try to prepare the way for the sacrements. I hope you come to our school.

03/18/2013 9:20pm

St. Hilary is an amazing school, especially during 8th grade. First of all, 8th graders get the most responsibility of the all the students. For example, the 8th graders do morning announcements and have the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. as a class trip. Second of all, all the teachers are amazing. For instance, Mr. Fodor, the English teacher, has a fantastic sense of humor and gives creative assignments. St. Hilary should definitely be your first choice for your 8th grade year.

03/18/2013 9:21pm

You would have a blast if you came to St. Hilary School for your 8th grade school year. You will love the friendly environment and the excellent teachers. In the past three years, our grade has welcomed so many new students that have came to St. Hilary School to spend their last few years at a great school. Another reason why you should come to St. Hilary School for your 8th grade year is because you will be leaving this school feeling very well prepared for high school. My older sibling has graduated from St. Hilary School and has felt both grateful and thankful that she attended such a great, well-preparing middle school. If you were to come to St. Hilary School next year you won't regret it!

03/18/2013 9:40pm

I know students would love to come to St Hilary School because of the great education, not only in the classroom but also in the church. St. Hilary School has recieved the Blue Ribbon Award twice, an award given to great schools with great education. St. Hilary Church has many groups and administrators that teach lessons about life and facts about God, Jesus, and Saints. St. Hilary School also has well-skilled teachers. Many teachers have earned their Masters Degree, and have been teaching for many years. Teachers at St. Hilary School also help you through tough times, hard homework, and ways to live your life. I was new in third grade and teachers, priests, and students made me feel welcome and happy that I came. So, I recommend coming to St. Hilary School.

03/18/2013 9:41pm

Hi, my name is Alex Taylor and I am a student at St.Hilary is outstanding and I feel the classes we take are preparing us for high school. There are also advanced math classes for students who want to learn more. St.Hilary prepares us academically and spiritually. We go to mass every week and attend religion class every day. We have great specials such as art, music, computers, gym, and foreign language. The Spanish teacher Senora Schwarz is very helpful and offers after school tutoring. Extracurricular Chinese is also available. I believe St.Hilary is a great school and will help us set goals for our future.

03/18/2013 9:44pm

Hello, you should really consider coming to St. Hilary School. This school has a lot to offer. You can take a different language class such as Chinese, French, and Spanish. Their are also many sports to play and get active with your fellow classmates. I have played basketball and soccer which are very great sports that represent our school. These sports show leadership which our school has. St Hilary is a fantastic school for our acedemics. We have amazing teachers that help us learn in a fun way. The teachers have helped me get my grades up which is the most important part of school. Finally the school gives many awards to the students. I have received a St Francis award for showing leadership and for working hard. I hope you consider joining the St Hilary family in your eighth grade year.

03/18/2013 10:06pm

Dear fellow student, we are very interested in enrolling you at our own St.Hilary Catholic Elementary school next year. I know this is an important decision, so please let us help you. Here are some pros. First, St.Hilary's is a two time blue ribbon school winner. The education is fenomonal. Next, the teachers, let alone the entire St.Hilary community is warm and welcoming, You will fit in great whatever your pesonality is like. Please consider these tips, we are excited to hear from you,
Principle Jones

03/18/2013 10:11pm

I believe St. Hilary School will be a great choice for your 8th grade year. One reason why you should come to St. Hilary School is that we have been a Blue Ribbon School twice! We are also a very faithful school. We have school mass every Wednesday and always pray on the morning announcements before the school day begins. It’s a great way to start the day. We are very academic. We have an honor roll here at school to determine who gets first and second honors. Many children between the grades fourth through eighth can make the honor roll. We are educated by amazing, intelligent teachers. It's very fun to learn from them; they always make learning enjoyable! At St. Hilary’s one thing that I can't go without are my friends. They are awesome and support me through everything. I don't know what I would do without my friends. I have also made new friends throughout the years. When I'm involved in different sports I meet with a whole new group of great people. There are many different kinds of sports you can choose from including: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Track, Cross Country, and Cheer! If you are looking for other ways to join a great group of friends, St. Hilary offers many great activities too, including: art club, choir, our school musical, and so much more! I hope you consider St. Hilary School for your 8th grade year! It will be the best decision you ever made.

03/18/2013 10:40pm

Dear potential student of St. Hilary,
St. Hilary is a great school to come to. Being a Catholic school, it bonds everyone together by having mass together, praying together, and sacrificing together. We also have great activities in St. Hilary such as a variety of sports, power of the pen, mock trial, yearbook staff, etc. The activities are fun and help each student to get to know each other better. We also have great teachers who not only teach us students wonderfully, but also help us to understand the importance of life, and become our life mentors. They truly inspire students to try their best and to achieve their goals. I hope you come to St. Hilary and become part of our family and community.

03/18/2013 11:00pm

Kevin, I think that you should come to St.Hilary School. It would be a great experience for you. It has a very good education and very well organized sports. You know this because we do well in sports and we also are a blue ribbon school. Another great reason to come here is because of the great teaching. The teachers are very skilled in handling bullying, emotional issues, and personal problems. You know these are common at schools because of all of the awful things being spoken about in the media so commonly today.

03/18/2013 11:41pm

St. Hilary School is a fantastic school, and I think you should come here next year. Here are some reasons why you should choose St.Hilary School. First, we are an academically- advanced school. We have been named a Blue Ribbon School twice. St. Hilary School also provides a wonderful place for you to grow in your faith. We go to mass every Wednesday, we attend religion class daily, and we pray in the morning and before lunch. These are a few of the many reasons you should attend St. Hilary School next year.


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